Seeüberquerung 2020 cancelled:

The organizing committee of the Seeüberquerung has decided not to carry out the lake crossing in 2020. With the current ban on events with more than 1000 people we simply lack planning security for the lake crossing. The event should have taken place on 1 July 2020. This is the fifth cancellation of the Stadtzürcher Seeüberquerung since it was first held in 1985 and the next Stadtzürcher Seeüberquerung will take place on July 7, 2021. 

The Seeüberquerung would like to thank Migros Zürich, the City of Zurich, in particular Wasserschutzpolizei and Sportamt, Sportamt of the Canton of Zurich, OceanCare and Radio Energy for their support.

Special thanks also go to the clubs that yearly provide helpers for the lake crossing: Männerriege Engstringen, TV Uster Handball, Männerriege Schwamendingen, Limmat-Nixen Zürich, Pontonier Sportverein Zürich, Red Sox Zürich, SLRG Sektion Höngg, SLRG Sektion Züri, SLRG Region Zürich, SLRGstaff.org, Spirit of Gospel, Sportfreunde Schwamendingen, Garten am Grenzsteig, Turnverein Seebach, Vocalino Classic Pop Jazz Chor und Jodel Club Sängerrunde Zürich.

We would also like to extend thanks all loyal swimmers and hope they will return on 7 July 2021.


Safety and rules

  • The organiser does not accept any liability. 
  • Participants are responsible for their own insurance. 
  • Participants must be considerate of others.
  • The Seeüberquerung is not a competition.
  • Attend the warm-up. 
  • At the start you’ll be informed whether the swimming course is left or right of the buoys.
  • The numbered swimming cap must be worn until you reach the finishing area. 
  • You are not permitted to swim with swimming aids or other objects.
  • If you get tired: swim to the nearest boat.
  • In case of emergency inform the lifeguard immediately by using the distress signal > slap the water with an outstretched arm. Help! 
  • Swimming back to the start is strictly forbidden. 
  • Participants must be over 16 years of age. Youth (12 to 15 years; cut-off date 18/8/2009) always swim accompanied by an adult (aged 18 years and over).
  • Am I in good health?
  • Am I able to swim to swim a distance of 1.5 kilometres? 
  • And do I feel fit enough?
  • Did I eat and drink adequately? 
  • Do not swim after ingesting food. No alcohol, drugs, or pharmaceuticals. 

The organisation committee and the water police decide together on the Monday before the event whether the Seeüberquerung will take place. For safety reasons, the weather must be nice and dry (no wind, no storm) and the water temperature in the middle of the lake must be at least 21°C. The maximum number of participants is limited to 9000.

The route is marked with buoys. Lifeguards are stationed on boats at least every 75 metres. If you get tired: swim to the nearest boat. In case of emergency: use the distress signal > slap the water with an outstretched arm. The water police control shipping activities. Ships only cross at the marked lock shortly after the start. Be careful around the ship lock – short waiting periods are possible. Helpers on pedalos inform the swimmers before the ship lock in good time. Swimming safety rules by SLRG 


to know

Strandbad Mythenquai, Mythenquai 95, Zürich
Public transport: tramway 7 Brunaustrasse, bus 161/165 Sukkulentensammlung

Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen, Bellerivestrasse 200, Zürich
Public transport: tramway 2/4 Fröhlichstrassebus 912/916 Chinagarten

1500 meters from the Strandbad Mythenquai to the Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen.

Advance ticket sales: Monday bevor event

The start takes place in groups. The frist group starts at 2.30 p.m. With the ticket all participants are provided with a check-in-time and a start time, which is binding. The maximum number of participants is limited to 9000.

Start fee
Adults (16 years and older): 22 Swiss francs at the advance ticket sales, 25 at the box-office
Youths* (12 to 15 years): free

The start fee includes: a bathing cap, food and a drink and a souvenir gift.

*Age controls are carried out at the box-office. The cut-off date for young swimmers is August 18, 2009. Youths always swim accompanied by an adult.

general standard terms and conditions (in german)

Youths aged between 12 and 15 always swim accompanied by an adult (18 years old). As an accompanying person, you assume the responsibility for the youths from the start to the finish. Register together with the youths at the box-office. You are responsible for the age of the youths meeting the admission requirements. Age controls are carried out at the box-office, bring an identity card. The cut-off date is August 18, 2009. An accompanying person pays the regular start fee.

The Seeüberquerung is an event for good swimmers. The participants decide for themselves whether their health is good enough to swim 1500 metres across the lake. In case of any doubts, we recommend consulting a doctor. The organiser does not accept any liability. Participants are responsible for their own insurance.

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Participants are issued with a numbered bathing cap and a baggage label at the ticket office. One light piece of luggage is transported to the finish. Bring a small, lockable bag for transportation, swimwear and warm clothing. Leave your valuables at home. Leave your bag at the respective post on the beach.
At the finish, all swimmers are given an invigorating bouillon. Keep the cup. It's your present. Following this, they collect their luggage and leave the finish area. Show the bathing cap and luggage label at the exit control. Hand over the luggage label outside the finish area for food and a drink.

The Seeüberquerung is not competitive, so no times are recorded. Please be considerate towards the other participants. There is no more a specially marked speed lane. All swimmers swim left or right of the buoys - you'll be informed at the start.

The start and finish are not on public premises. The spectators pay the normal swimming entrance fee (8 Swiss francs).


Advance ticket 

Good to know: We decide on Monday July 5, if the Seeüberquerung will take place or will be postponed to July 10.

Ticket costs 25 Swiss francs. The maximum number of participants is limited to 9000.

How it works: Choose your starting group. With the ticket all participants are provided with a check-in-time and a start time, which are binding. Exchange your ticket for a swimming cap with startnumber during check-in. If you miss check-in, you lose start permission.

Starting group



Starting group A     

13:00 bis 14:00 h   

14:30 h

Starting group B     

13:00 bis 14:10 h    

14:38 h

Starting group C     

13:30 bis 14:30 h   

15:00 h

Starting group D     

13:45 bis 14:55 h   

15:24 h

Starting group E     

14:15 bis 15:15 h   

15:45 h

Starting group F     

14:30 bis 15:30 h   

16:00 h

Starting group G     

14:45 bis 15:55 h   

16:24 h

Starting group H     

15:15 bis 16:15 h   

16:45 h

Starting group I     

15:30 bis 16:30 h   

17:00 h

Starting group J     

15:45 bis 16:55 h   

17:24 h

Starting group K     

16:15 bis 17:15 h   

17:45 h

Starting group L     

16:30 bis 17:30 h    

18:00 h

GCT Seeüberquerung:

  • Die Teilnahme ist ab 16 Jahren erlaubt. Jugendliche von 12 bis 15 Jahren (Stichtag: 18. August 2009, Ausweiskontrolle), mit einer Begleitperson (mind. 18 Jahre alt) mitschwimmen. Die Begleitung ist vom Start bis ins Ziel für maximal 4 Jugendliche verantwortlich. Begleitpersonen brauchen ein Ticket, Jugendliche erhalten ihre Badekappe ohne Ticket - aber mit Ausweis - an der Tageskasse.
  • Beim Bezug von Tickets erklären Sie sich einverstanden, dass Ihre Bestelldaten vom Veranstalter ausgewertet und zu Dienstleistungs- und Marketingzwecken (z. B. Newsletter) verwendet wird. Kontaktdaten werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben.
  • Der kommerzielle Weiterverkauf der Tickets ist verboten und kann zu deren entschädigungsloser Annullierung führen. Freikarten verlieren bei einer Absage ihre Gültigkeit.
  • Pro Kauf können maximal 4 Tickets bezogen werden.
  • Jedes Ticket hat ein verbindliches Check-in-Zeitfenster. Check-in-Zeit und Startzeit müssen eingehalten werden. Wer die Check-in-Zeiten verpasst, verliert die Startberechtigung.
  • Schwimmen an der Seeüberquerung erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko. Versicherung ist Sache der Teilnehmenden. Teilnehmende sind verpflichtet, sich rücksichtsvoll zu verhalten. Die Sicherheitsregeln der Seeüberquerung sind für alle Teilnehmenden verbindlich.
  • Die vom Veranstalter abgegebene Badekappe muss vom Start bis ins Ziel getragen werden. Schwimmhilfen und andere Gegenstände sind im Wasser verboten. Es ist verboten zurück zum Start zu schwimmen.
  • Bei Ermüdung: Zum nächsten Boot schwimmen. Im Notfall sofort die Rettungsschwimmer alarmieren: Notzeichen geben > mit gestrecktem Arm aufs Wasser schlagen. Hilfe leisten.

The box-office is open from 1 p.m. if the Seeüberquerung is not sold out.

Advance ticket sales tba


Club Stadtzürcher

The Stadtzürcher Seeüberquerung club organises the mass sports event together with the water police. The Sports Office of the City of Zürich is the patron of the Event.

Urs Kessler (Head of Committee), Marius Klein (Technical Management), Daniel Hof (Material), René Nötzli (Finance), Brigitte Sennhauser (Coordination Mythenquai), Manuela Schläpfer (Communication/Media), Kurt Hefti (Pater Police), Bernadette Pape (Human Resources), Martin Kömeter (Lifeguard), Jeanette Kuster (Administration), Anitra Bibo (CoordinationTiefenbrunnen), Marc Bürge (Coordination Tiefenbrunnen)

The Seeüberquerung is supported by more than 300 volunteers. Members of the following sports clubs have contributed to the effective success of the Seeüberquerung:

Männerriege EngstringenTV Uster Handball, Männerriege Schwamendingen, Limmat-Nixen ZürichPontonier Sportverein ZürichRed Sox ZürichSLRG Sektion HönggSLRG Sektion ZüriSLRG Region ZürichSLRGstaff.orgSpirit of GospelSportfreunde SchwamendingenGarten am GrenzsteigTurnverein Seebach,Vocalino Classic Pop Jazz Chor und Jodel Club Sängerrunde Zürich


Seeüberquerung 2019


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